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FAQ Mailing Lists

How important is the mailing list in generating high response rates?
Simply stated, it is perhaps the most important component in generating high response rates when running a direct mail campaign. For detailed information on this subject, click on this link: Its in the list.

How should I determine what criteria or filters to include when preparing my list?
The real question here is: What target audience does my offer appeal to? We can provide a great deal of information contained within your data file (mailing list) You can add numerous selects that will help you to target the exact niche market that best matches your products and services. Contact one of our data specialists for help in creating the most effective mailing list for your specific campaign.

What is the cost of your mailing lists?
The cost per record is relative to the amount of information you want included in your data base/mailing list. For instance, if you are just looking for a homeowners name & address, that would be very inexpensive. Conversely, if you are looking for a homeowner with a certain income, within a certain FICO range, and want to add Phone Numbers, Home Value, Lenders Name, Revolving Debt, LTV% ratio, etc., this would increase the cost per record.

Do you offer lists for every niche market?
Absolutely! We can provide not only consumer data, but business, specialty and telemarketing lists as well.

Can I use my own mailing list?
Of course. Although we offer list services, you are welcome to provide your own data base/ mailing list for your mail campaign. There may be a minimal conversion charge if your data file is not properly formatted. One of our data specialists will be able to determine that for you.

If I purchase a list for telemarketing purposes, will you scrub it against the DNC?
Yes. Whenever you purchase a data base/mailing list from A+ Letter Service, that list is scrubbed for you. However, the initial scrub is only valid for 31 days after you receive your data file. It is your responsibility to re-scrub that list if you plan on using it past that 31 day permissible window. We also offer this service at a nominal charge.

What if I use the same list after the 31 day period without re-scrubbing it?
You are taking a great risk if you choose to do this. It is NOT recommended. The penalty for this is severe. You risk serious fines and penalties for calling any homeowner that is registered on the federal 'Do Not Call' list. The fine is $11,000 per infraction. In addition, many states have imposed 'DNC' regulations at the state level. Please check with your local State Attorney General for specifics regarding your state(s) regulations.