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Direct Mail - Samples

A+ Letter Service, through consumer testing, has created several basic designs that have proven to be successful in generating a high response rate from homeowners, your prospective clients. What we have found, is you need not have hundreds of designs, just a few effective ones.

Our Snap Pack line (click to view samples) , is a powerful way to convey a sense of urgency to the homeowner. This product gets the prospects attention.

Custom mailers (click to view samples) allow you to create and deliver any marketing idea and message you desire. Individualize your mailer to stand out and be unique. Our design team will help you every step of the way.

Many of our clients will offer premiums and incentives in an effort to increase their response rates. A 'special offer' can be very effective in doubling or even tripling your response rate. The name of the game with direct mail, is getting your phone to ring. What could be better than having your prospects calling you!

No matter which product you choose for your campaign, you have taken the first step in increasing your business and your profits.

A+ will work closely with you and offer suggestions to help you achieve the highest ROI in the industry. We 'partner' with you to insure that your marketing campaign has the best possible chance for success. Starting with the list (database) right through the delivery of your mailer, we are here to assist you.

Samples featured on this page are low resolution images and are for layout and formatting purposes ONLY! The actual printed mailers are flawless and crisp with no image skewing or drop out. The gray dotted lines featured on the samples are perforation marks and do not appear on the actual product. They are included on the samples to illustrate the folds on the mailer.

A+ Letter Service will never illustrate interest rates without the approval and permission of the client. All associated disclaimers are the sole responsibility of the client. Any reference to any person(s) or company contained within these sample illustrations is purely coincidental.

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Style # 1 (PSEPRZ-B-COMP)

Tri-fold self mailer with check/coupon panel. Features security screen on back (standard.) Available with optional embedded security features to create a 'negotiable' MICR style check . Available in Green and Red tints.
(See color swatches below)
Style # 2 (PSEMPZ-B)

Tri-fold self mailer with gradient page tint. Features security screen on back (standard.) and plenty of space for your personalized message. Sample shown is 4 color process and is available at a slight upcharge. Available in Green and Red gradient tint backgrounds.
Style # 3 (PSEMPW)

Dual Window -Tri-fold self mailer. Allows use of upper window for 'teaser' lines and is very effective at getting your mailer opened and read.
Style # 4 (PSEPRCB)

Tri-fold self mailer with gradient page tint and matching tinted check/coupon panel. High impact style with the added feature of tear-off check or coupon on the bottom.Available in Green and Red gradient tint backgrounds.
Style # 5 (PSEMPZ2)

Tri-fold (Z Style) This form is blank and can be formatted to incorporate any style layout you choose. Security screens can be added to the front panel (as shown in sample) or back panel. This form is very versatile and is one of our most popular styles.
Style # 6 (PSEMPV)

Dual fold (8 1/2 x 11 folds in half to 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 sealed size) This form is also blank and can be formatted to incorporate any style layout you choose. Security screens can be added to the front panel, or back panel. This form is very versatile and is our top seller.
Style # 7 (PSFPREZ-MB)

Tri-fold dual color tint format. Letter and check portions are tinted in contrasting colors to create a high impact professional look. Call for available color combinations.
Our Self-seal mailers feature Dis-A-Perf (tear off strips) for easy opening. When opened, your message will maintain a professional, attractive and easy to read format. Our Self-seal style mailers have been consumer tested to achieve high 'open' rates and superior response rates.