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Direct Mail - Tips and Tricks

1. Your Message: As contained in our special report (available on this website), your ad copy is another key component in obtaining a high response rate. You must keep your message simple, while at the same time appealing to the borrowers financial needs. Their decision to call you is both emotional and impulsive.

Appeal to the homeowners ‘hot buttons’ and demonstrate why your company is the only choice for their financial needs. This is where A+ Letter Service can help you!

2. Capital Letters: Avoid using all CAPITAL letters in the body of your letter or ad copy. They are hard to read and take more of the readers time and reduce the impact of the mailer.

3. Format: Keep your formatting simple. Use a standard format, one inch margins and 10-12 point type (depending on font), use consistent spacing throughout and between paragraphs. Include a P.S. that reinforces your main message, asks for the order, or references your special offer.

4. Tone: Write in a conversational manner, as if you are speaking in person to the reader.

5. Positioning: Direct Mail is a science. The positioning and content of everything contained in your marketing letter must be well thought out to appeal to the homeowner/ consumer. You will have a very limited time to ‘grab’ their attention, once your mailer (envelope) is opened. You must catch their attention with your opening headline or banner. The first paragraph is designed to reinforce your opening statement. (See our Special Report: “How To Maximize Your Direct Mail Response Rate In Today's Market”, for more information regarding this subject)

6. Special Offers & Premium Incentives: We are often asked, “What can I do, as a broker, to distinguish myself from my competition.” The answer is simple. Offer the homeowner a premium incentive or special offer designed to ‘give something back’ to the homeowner that has perceived value. When all else is considered equal (rate & term) the special offer is often a deal breaker. Ask us about some creative ideas to help you increase your response rates.

7. Envelopes: When using an envelope for your direct mail campaign, remember that people generally open the envelope from the back. So, make sure the insert faces the back (flap side of the envelope). This is especially important in guiding the recipient to read the contents in a specific order.

Listed above are just a few ‘tips & tricks’ to conducting a successful direct mail marketing campaign. For additional helpful hints, subscribe to our Special Report by clicking on this link: “How To Maximize Your Direct Mail Response Rate In Today's Market”.

Contact us to inquire about how we can help you to increase your client base quickly. Word of mouth is great, but targeted marketing will put you on the fast track to building and maintaining your client base.