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Direct Mail - Mortgage

In today's market, with 70% of your prospective clients on the DO NOT CALL list and with the ever increasing sophistication of email SPAM filters blocking most of your email marketing, Direct Mail remains one of the most effective methods of marketing to your prospective clients.

Remember, with Direct Mail marketing, your prospect is CALLING YOU!

Direct Mail is one of the few marketing vehicles that offer a predictable response rate. Look at it this way. You may toss away offers from other mortgage companies offering low, low rates. Reason being, you are in the mortgage business. As a broker, you have no need for refinancing information or your competitors offers.

However, enough people do respond to those refinancing offers to make direct mail a very cost effective and profitable marketing tool.

Next time you receive an offer to refinance your home, look at the name of the company on the marketing piece. You will notice that they are some of the largest lenders in the country, if not the world. The big players in the mortgage and financial world know that direct mail need only be marginally successful, in terms of percentage of responses, to yield tremendous profits.

Why aren't you taking advantage of what the large residential and commercial lenders have known for years?

Direct Mail need not be expensive or complicated, if done properly.

We offer targeted mail campaigns including: Sub-prime, Conforming, FHA/VA, Bankruptcy, Renters-to-Purchase, or any other market you seek to target. Our programs are designed to get your phone ringing. No matter what your niche market, we have a specialized mailer (click to view samples) to get you results!

As the refinance market continues to shrink, the smart brokers are turning to direct mail to insure that their pipelines remain full.

A+ Letter Service specializes in generating leads for the mortgage industry. We attend every major, and many regional trade shows, on the NAMB circuit.

Perhaps you have visited with us at these past shows

FAMB - Central Florida Chapter - Orlando, Florida
NAMB - National Convention - Philadelphia, PA
FAMB - Annual Convention - Tampa Bay, Florida
CAMB - Exhibition & Conference - San Jose , California
CAMB - Colorado Assn. of Mortgage Brokers - Denver, Colorado
WRMBC - Mirage Hotel - Las Vegas, NV

PAMB - Pennsylvania Association Of Mortgage Brokers
NAMB - National Convention - Minneapolis, Minnesota
FAMB - Florida Association Of Mortgage Brokers - Gaylord Palms Resort
CAMB - California Association Of Mortgage Brokers - San Diego
NEMBC - New England Mortgage Brokers Conference - Providence, RI
WRMBC - Western Regional Mortgage Brokers Conference - Las Vegas, NV