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FAQ Ė Direct Mail

What is your minimum order?
Letís answer that this way. How many additional closed loans would to like to produce each and every month? Knowing this will help us in determining how many pieces you should be mailing to accomplish your sales goals. We have found that a good rule of thumb would be 5,000 pieces per Loan Officer. Of course, you can split your mail drops into equal segments to better control the influx of incoming calls.

How long will it take for my mailers to reach their destination?
That largely depends on whether or not we are mailing First Class or Standard (Bulk) mail. Generally, First Class mail will arrive within 2-5 days and Standard mail will arrive anywhere from 3 -15 days depending on the area of the country that you are located in, or the destination point of your mailers.

I have heard the term CASS certification, what does this mean?
To become CASS Certified by the USPS, AccuZIP6 passed a series of tests. The tests confirmed the software is capable of verifying that addresses exist in the USPS Database, in turn updating the address, city, state, 5 digit ZIP Code, ZIP+4, carrier route, and creating the delivery point barcode.

Why is CASS so important?
Most brokerís don't realize that 20%-30% of their addresses are either undeliverable or incomplete. This can cost companies a great deal of money. Using AccuZIP6 to streamline address lists will reduce your mailing costs significantly.

Can I stagger my mailing over multiple dates?
Yes. As long as each mailing contains 2,500 letters or more Standard Class or 2,500 letters First Class, we can mail over multiple dates at no additional charge.

How will I know that my mailers were sent out?
We provide every client with the actual United States Postal Service postal receipt. This receipt will tell you how many pieces were sent, when, at what postal rate and even the tray weight of the mailers.

Does sending my mail First Class really make a difference in the response rate?
There is a great deal of debate on this subject. Some argue that it slightly increases their response rate, otherís have told us that they see no real difference in their response rates versus using Standard postage We do however suggest using First Class postage when you are mailing anything of a time sensitive nature. An example of this would be if you are mailing an offer with an expiration date.

Should I use my cell phone number, as my primary contact number on my mailer?
We do not suggest this for several reasons. If you are with a client, taking an incoming call, say at a closing, would not only be a disruption, but would not allow you to effectively speak with your prospective client. Also, until cell phone technology is 100% dependable, you will miss calls. However, it is advisable to include your cell phone number as a secondary phone number.