Postage SavingsSCF/NDC/ Metering vs. Stamping

With over 30 years experience in providing high quality personalized direct mail to our clients in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, national and international markets, A+ Letter Service has learned a thing or two about the inner workings of the United States Postal System. Put our years of experience to work for you, to help you to achieve the best postal discounts available today!

Let's face it, the USPS is not in the business of advertising how to save you money on postage, but we are!

Did you know that metering your 1st Class direct mail vs. stamping it; will save you almost a penny on every piece?

When you consider that the cost of postage increases each and every year, a penny saved is a penny earned.



For additional cost saving tips, call one of our Customer Service Specialists today at A+ Letter Service at 732-905-2010

We will also alert you if your mailing qualifies for 1st Class, 3rd Class or Non-profit pre-sort discounts. The savings for pre-sorting your mailing can be substantial and can result in saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in postage on your mail campaign.

On larger mailings (20,000 pieces and above) A+ Letter Service offers SCF (Sectional Sorting Facility), and/or NDC (National Distribution Center) postal discounts. Below is an illustration of this great cost savings tip designed to save you an additional .01 to .04 cents on every piece of standard (3rd Class) mail.