Email Marketing Service
Utilize the Power of direct mail and Email marketing together!

One of the many services that A+ offers is email marketing / tracking and analysis. Email marketing is yet another tier in any successful multi-channel marketing program. Email marketing, combined with a direct mail marketing campaign, is an effective one-two punch in getting your message out to your prospects and clients alike. Whether you are looking to deliver a message tailored to a specific market niche, or sending out blast email to announce a new product -or- service that your company is looking to promote, email marketing is an effective way to get your message out to the masses, at a relatively inexpensive cost.

As effective as email marketing can be, it is not without its flaws. With today’s sophisticated SPAM and security filters, email as a stand-alone marketing tool may fall short in achieving your marketing / sales, or name branding goals.

That is why, at A+ Letter Service, we combine our years of direct mail marketing experience in creating a marketing ‘program’ combining the benefits of email marketing, with the power of direct mail. We can customize a marketing campaign that utilizes your mailer as a support tool to enforce your email message. We can create an effective mailing piece that will ‘announce’ the arrival of your email to your targeted audience. Your prospect, or client, will actually be awaiting the arrival of your email and your ‘open rates’ and ‘responses’ will increase as a result.

By using your direct mailer as a ‘teaser’ to alert your customer of the arrival of your email, you have not only created a platform for name branding, but will increase the success of your overall marketing campaign.

We can help you to set up an effective email campaign and provide reports detailing your: e-mail delivery, opened and clicked rates, landing page hits, leads captured, Social Media hits, and so much moreā€¦

Email Marketing & Direct Mail
The most effective one-two punch in maximizing your marketing campaign and getting the most ‘bang’ for your marketing dollar!
For some great tips on how to better utilize email in conjunction with your direct mail marketing get a FREE copy of our special report:
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