Every Door Direct Mail®
Affordable Targeted Advertising

What is EDDM?

USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) Allows individuals and businesses to target specific neighborhoods, at the lowest possible postage rate and all without a mailing list!

  • Perfect for businesses that want to target a wide geographical area with a 'saturation' marketing campaign
  • You can select specific areas best suited to your target audience and demographic criteria. You may choose age, income, percent of homes with children, and single or multi family homes, apartments, or condominiums

Getting Started:

It’s easy, contact one of our Customer Service Consultants and we can handle the process of;

  • Mapping your target market
  • Targeting by Carrier route
  • Design and Print your mailer
  • Handling and sorting your mailer
  • Delivering your mailers to the Post Office

We do it all, from start to finish, making your marketing effort easy and cost effective!

The Benefit of Mailing Postcards:

Get more message for your money!

One of the added benefits of EDDM® is that you can now use both sides of the postcard to deliver your message and offer, because you will no longer have to allow space for addressing.

The larger postcard formats available allow you to include multiple coupons in your offer, which can often result in an increase in response rates!

EDDM® Eligible Postcard Sizes:

4" x 11"6.5" x 9"8" x 10"
4.25" x 11"6" x 11"8.5" x 11"
4.5" x 11"6.5" x 12"9" x 11"
6.5" x 8"Ht. x Width9" x 12"

Target Entire Neighborhoods, or even Carrier Routes


Other Major Advantages of EDDM®

(Every Door Direct Mail®)

  • You can select specific mail routes right around your business
  • USPS statistics show that for every $1.00 invested in direct mail $12.50 is returned in sales!
  • Businesses that are using EDDM® have reported seeing their businesses grow by as much as 20% - 40%

Why use Every Door Direct Mail®?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons…

No mailing list is required! Ideal for businesses that want to target a wide geographic area, or target a niche' market sector

You may qualify for additional postage discounts, that are in many instances, lower than the cost of standard presort Marketing Mail®

Target by demographics to increase the effectiveness of your marketing

Any business can benefit from EDDM®, especially; Restaurants, Retailers, Churches, Doctors and Dentists, Auto Dealerships, Gyms, Realtors, Service Businesses, Home Services, Landscapers, Dry Cleaners, Non-profit Agencies, Social Clubs, Fire Depts. and Rescue Services and the list goes on…

For additional information, or to get started using EDDM® call us today at: 732-905-2010