Data Processing & Data Security
Tired of hearing all the stories about data theft in the news lately?

At A+ Letter Service we take your data and document security for every direct mail marketing campaign we fulfill very seriously. We have been approved by Master Card, MetLife, The Department of Defense and many Fortune 500 companies to handle their stringent security requirements. We employ a sophisticated security protocol, which includes; ‘next generation’ network firewalls with intrusion prevention systems, interior and exterior video surveillance monitoring, full-time security personnel and all employees are screened and background checks are performed. Your can rest assured that your project is in safe hands at A+.

How important is Data Hygiene? Did you know that failing to delete duplicates and perform an NCOA (National Change of Address) scrub on your data file can result in up to 20% of your mailing list being undeliverable? That right, up to 20% of your marketing dollars wasted, by not performing data hygiene on your mailing list. Worry no more, our data team uses the newest software available and has the experience to thoroughly analyze and clean up your data file/mailing list to insure that it is properly ‘tuned up’ before you ‘run’ your mail campaign. Remember, the success of your mail campaign starts with the mailing list.

Providing a secure data environment for over 29 years, A+ Letter Service can ensure you that your data is not only safe and secure, but will be treated as a TOP Priority, during all aspects of the data processing cycle.

Our team of data experts put their many years of experience to work for you to fine tune your data and eliminate costly and embarrassing grammatical errors.

We will also run your data file through our postal software program designed to save you money on your postage requirements. This can result in big savings on the cost of postage.

We can provide data management and analytical services and can provide you with custom detailed reporting, so that you can obtain the best possible results from your direct mail campaign. We can also track 'your mail' as it makes its way through the mail stream helping to maximize your response rates and return on investment!